My artistic practice is focused on the seek of the elsewhere, in which the archaic lays, for a deeper understanding of contemporary times.

Photography is my privileged mean: it is the language of distance, because it puts the spectator far from the time and space of the image.

Also, photography is the portal that unifies the interiority of the artist with the universal narratives of human experience. So these elsewhere result to be at the same time truths and myths.

My aim is to give birth to images that work like aesthetic intuitions and metaphoric distillations of imaginaries connected to landscape.

This vertigo generates archetypal reminiscences in eyes and mind and leads to imaginaries about distance and what is meant to be distant.

Currently I'm focusing on a research about Mediterranean as a space and place of encounters and happenings, mythical and contemporary, that generate a whole visual narration of its landscape.


Lidia Bianchi

born in San Felice Circeo (IT) in 1992, currently based in Milan (IT).


MA Photography, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, IT.

BA Graphic Arts, Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Rome, IT.

Period of study within Erasmus + Programme at Escola d’Art y Superior de Disseny de Valencia, Valencia, ES.

Group exhibitions


Centrale Festival, Rocca Malatestiana, Fano, IT. (postponed-upcoming)

Bootstrap, Spazio Giacomq, Bergamo, IT. (postponed-upcoming)

Maratona di Visione, Bergamo, Bologna, Torino, Milano, IT.


Combat Prize. Finalists exhibition, Museo G. Fattori, Livorno, IT.

Braeraklasse#4, Casa Gianoli, Milan, IT.


Northen Light: Proximity and Distance. An exhibition of contemporary landscape photography, Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield, UK.

Project 45, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, IT.

Stellar, Vivid Projects, Birmingham, UK.


Fabbri Prize. Finalists exhibition, Fondazione Francesco Fabbri-Villa Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo, IT.

Beneath the salt, Stormen Bibliotek, Bodø, NO.

Ape(x) mentis, Bottega Immagine, Milan, IT.

Beneath the salt, Kulturbadet Galleri, Lørdag, NO.

Dispar, Octubre Centro de Cultura Contemporánia, Valencia, ES.

Haluros de plata, Casa de Cultura de Burjassot, Valencia, ES.

Grants & Awards


Combat Prize - Photography section, Livorno, IT / Shortlisted.


Signature Art Prize, London, UK. / Shortlisted.

In-Ruins Residency, Parco Scolacium, Artist in Residence, IT / Selected artist.


Research grant for young students and researchers in artistic and creative fields, Fondazione Adolfo Pini, Milan, IT / Winner.

Francesco Fabbri Prize for Contemporary Arts - Contemporary Photography section, Pieve di Soligo, IT / Shortlisted.



Phases Magazine - online magazine that focuses on international contemporary photography, online publication. 

Assembramento di Collettivo Invertebre, online publication. 


Combat Prize, Catalogue, Livorno, IT.


Project 45, online publication.


Francesco Fabbri Prize for Contemporary Arts, Catalogue, Pieve di Soligo, IT.

Beneath the salt, Photobook, YONA Editions, NO.

Beneath the salt-Salt, fotografi og abstraksjon, Catalogue, NO.

Four-Elements exhibition, Float Photo Magazine, online publication.

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